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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Frank's Steak House

Andi and I decided to try our luck with a new steak house that recently opened called "Frank's Steak House." What an experience.

I was just a breath away from suggesting to Andi that we vacate the premises after only being in the restaurant for a few moments. Here is a quick bullet list of what happened:

- as soon as we walk into the door, the server is chewing out the guest for apparently not being clear enough when she ordered. What we caught from his comments as we were walking by to take our seat was something like this: "That's why I told you when you ordered I needed to know exactly what you meant. . ."

- We sat down at a table and had this eerie feeling of twilight zone come over us. Something just didn't feel right.

-We had a different server than the one chewing out the guest, which was good. Andi wanted to order the Rib Eye, but after she mistakenly ordered the Prime Rib, I asked her if she meant Rib Eye. She said yes and asked the server to change the order. The server's response: "well."

-After halfway through our salad, a gentleman, presumably the manager, came and asked us if we would mind moving to another table because this one table was reserved. There was maybe two other guests in the entire restaurant and the dining room was huge. But, he did offer to pay for a dessert if we would move. But then, in just a funny move, he left and had us carry our own plates, drinks, silverware, etc.

-This was, without a doubt, the worst steak I have ever eaten. Andi and I were pouring salt and pepper on the steak to give it some taste.

-For some bizarre reason, the server brought Andi's plate to her without a baked potato but put a metal container of mayonnaise on the plate. We were so confused. A different server noticed our confused state and asked us if anything was wrong. We explained that instead of a thing of mayo, we should have had a baked potato. The server was as confused as us.

The experience was so surreal. What a day.


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