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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Maze Jackson - The 4th Man

Maze Jackson was an ol' time bible preaching evangelist who had a "Truck Drivers Special" radio program. My home church in Kingsport, TN would regularly have Maze come and lead a week long revival, back when churches actually did those sort of things. I can remember those long summer nights when Maze would preach. I was more in awe of his big voice and overwhelming presence than I was his actual message. He was a large man and because he would preach so hard for 45 minutes to an hour, he would be soaking wet from sweat. After each sermon, someone would come and place a rain coat on him. I always thought that was so cool. Maze died in 1996.

I was thinking about Maze the other night and did a quick search to see if the world of the internet would remember him. I was thrilled to find some of his messages available online. Maze was not the most educated man. He didn't hold degrees from leading theological seminaries. Sometimes his theology was a little out of whack. But he loved the Lord and preached with conviction. Chances are good that some 12 years after I am dead and gone, people will not be listening to my sermons on the internet.

I was sitting on the couch at 2 am listening to this message titled "The 4th Man." The text concerns the 4th man in the fiery furnace. When Maze makes the point that the heavenly Father would stand by his promise using the story of Sarah, Abraham, and Isaac, I felt tears begin to form. So here is a small excerpt from "The 4th Man." Thank you Maze Jackson.


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