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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Living Christmas Tree

This past Thursday - Sunday, my church presented The Living Christmas Tree for 5 performances. It is a huge undertaking for a church our size (for any size church really) and this year was probably the best of all the years we have done it. The students, pictured above with the choir, had a couple of parts in the tree. The coolest was during the song Emmanuel, they would do a hand motion with white gloves and blacklights. Everything else in the sanctuary was black, so it was a very neat effect.

During one part of the performance an older lady, who is supposed to be a granny, and a group of young people gather around a piano while the choir is singing. The idea is to show us having a great time with memories, family and Christmas tradition of being "around the piano." Well, always looking for an opportunity for inside humor, one of the students and I decided it would be kind of cool to exchange gifts while we are out there around the piano. What made it hilarious is that I had an actual wrapped gift and he had a pumpkin. Yep, I still had a pumpkin from Halloween (a real one at that) and he carried that sucker out there proudly. Just as the song was ending, we hugged each other and exchanged our gifts. To us, it was the most hilarious thing we could imagine. I don't even know if anyone else saw it or noticed, but that's not really the point is it?


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