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Monday, September 04, 2006

A New Place of Service

As I have made my transition back into "student mode", I have found it to be a smoother ride than was anticipated. I am enjoying my classes, my professors, my reading and the atmosphere of being back in the world of academia.

Along with the transition has come the need and desire to place myself back into service at a local church. I am reluctant to call it a "new ministry" because surely I am still serving the same God who has called me into His service. But, with a new church and new faces comes a sense of apprehension about what will be expected. How will this new environment compare to the one I have recently left? How long will it take to earn the trust and respect of those to whom I will be ministering? I suppose those are questions that I really shouldn't be thinking about, but one does not leave one beloved place of service to minister at another without having the inevitable questions of comparison arise. I know I serve a God who has a providential appointed church waiting for me and my wife, and those questions will fade as the days in my church keep moving forward. The key here is to make sure I am grounded in the direction of that God of providence.

Within the week I will have more information about my new church and my position. Please pray for me and Andi for continued discernment and direction.


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