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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Blockbuster Total Access: The Real Deal

Andi and I have been debating on which online movie service to go with, Blockbuster or Netflix. We decided to go with Blockbuster because the selling point for their service is that you can return the movies you received in the mail back to your local Blockbuster store and get three free movies right there, then, Blockbuster Online goes ahead and mails your next three out of your queue online.

So, after talking extensively with the Blockbuster people in the store, we decided to try it. Let me tell you, it ROCKS. In reality, instead of having 3 movies out at a time, you really have 6 out at a time. It works out amazing. For example, Andi and I just returned three movies that we had received in the mail from Blockbuster.com. Now, with Netflix, you watch them and drop them back in the mail, wait the one or two days for them to receive them and then one or two days to receive your next titles. But with Blockbuster, after we had watched the three movies, we took them to our Blockbuster store here in Louisville, turned the movies in there instead of mailing them, rented three free movies and Blockbuster online mailed our next three movies from our online queue the next day! It is an incredible deal for the money! Netflix is in serious trouble if people catch on to how you can work this system.

Now, here is the only catch, if you can call it that. With the online movies that are mailed to you, there is no return date. You keep them as long as you want just like Netflix. If you then take those online movies to Blockbuster and return them for free ones, like I just described above, then you have to return those movies back to the Blockbuster store within normal return dates. But, Blockbuster stores have implemented a system where there are no late fees until after 31 days, so you really do basically have as long as you want. I can't believe how awesome this works.


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