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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Masters Champion Zach Johnson, The Super Bowl, and Worldwide Witness

I will admit, I was pulling for Tiger. I told Andi, who strangely found herself interested in the last round of Master's competition, that Tiger would more than likely win the tournament. That statement came after I saw this guy named Zach Johnson on top of the leaderboard with Tiger only 2 strokes back. I mean, come on. Zach Johnson has one tour win under his belt and not even Dick Enberg knew who this guy was. The pressure is just too much for someone like that to hold on to a lead at the Master's when the greatest golfer in the world is right behind you.

But he did. Zach Johnson is the Master's champion.

As soon as it was confirmed that Zach had won the tournament, he made his first "mini-interview" in front of millions of people on world-wide television. My still dumbfounded composure of knowing Zach Johnson was the Master's champion was quickly turned into pure joy when Zach said this in reply to the first question of the interview: "Being Easter, I certainly felt something special with me today and my faith is of the utmost importance. I'm so thankful for Jesus Christ."

I looked at Andi and we gave each other a big "high-five." In 2007 we have seen strong men of faith stand at the top of two of the largest sporting events of the entire year. Both Superbowl coaches this year, from the Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts, were Christians who professed their faith the entire "Super Week." And now here is the Master's Champion talking openly and confidently about his faith in Christ.

It is true that we live in dark times. But our eyes, the same eyes that have perfected the art of seeing evil need also to notice the ways which God brings about good.


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