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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

KBC All-State Youth Choir Part 2

I recently posted an article about the lack of racial diversity in the KY All-State Youth Choir directed and sponsored by the KBC. I had emailed Tog Goodson, director of music for the KBC, and he called me today to discuss the issue. As I had suspected, Tog informed me that the KBC choir directors were unable to select any race other than Caucasian because no other race attended try-outs. We chatted for a few moments about the issue and I assured him that I understood that a director can only select from the candidates who make themselves available. I appreciated his call.

So, I just emailed the Church Strategist for my region in KY and brought him up to speed on the issue. I am curious to know what a strategist for the KBC thinks about not a single teenager of any race other than white trying out for a state-wide Baptist choir.

I also informed him that I was concerned about the issue close to home as well. I was so pleased to see two black children worshipping in "Hosanna House" (Children's Worship) at our church this past Sunday. Nevertheless, our determination to take the Gospel into places which we are not among our "own" remains a problem for my church and churches across the state, region, country, and world.


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