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Monday, April 14, 2008

Major News for RexandtheBeast.com

Exciting News at RexandtheBeast.com! (my theme park enthusiast site co-founded with Rex) We have just purchased a ride in the first seat in the back row of Led Zeppelin--The Ride on the charity auction conducted by Hard Rock Park. Due to scheduling issues, Rex will be going to Hard Rock Park to take the ride; I can't make it. Rex will be flying out of Denver into South Carolina to take the first ride and enjoy a sneak preview of Hard Rock Park. Of course, RexandtheBeast.com will have pictures, video and other information regarding the ride and the day. All of this happens on April 15. Awesome!

So, RexandtheBeast.com and Rex specifically will be going down in history as the first person to ever ride this new coaster. Thanks to seminary, I can't make it. :( Oh well, at least Rex will be representing us!

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