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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Tragedy at Everest

Read my post on Mount Everest from several weeks ago to be caught up on my tracking the expedition of Team No Limits to summit Everest this year.

The climbers are still acclimating to the altitude and 3 sherpas, or guides who the team hires to get them to the top, were doing routine camp supplying and were on their way to Camp 1 from base camp. This takes you past the Khumbo Icefalls. Apparently on April 21st, a spontaneous ice break from the falls came crashing down on the group of 10 sherpas, killing 3 instantly.

This makes the death toll 4 on Everest in 2006, and the real climbing to summit has not even started yet. Team No Limits has currently suspended their expedition until they deal with the loss and shock and make decisions from there.


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