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Monday, April 10, 2006

Three Cheers for The History Channel

Since the first time I viewed the Zapruder film of the assassination of John F. Kennedy I have been hooked. As with most Americans, from the start I was convinced there was a shooter on the grassy knoll and that some kind of conspiracy had been covered up. It's interesting, because I was about 13 years old when I first saw the film and heard a lecture, and even at that age I was screaming conspiracy! There is clearly just something in the human brain that equates the incredibly large, grand scale nature of this crime with someone or something greater than Lee Harvey Oswald, one lone guy who shot a rifle.

Nevertheless, the more I studied the assassination, the more I learned about the real evidence and the so called conspiracy theories. About the time I had come to realize what the facts were saying, Oliver Stone released JFK, the worst historically factual movie ever made. He made District Attorney Jim Garrison look like a hero, when in fact Garrison had brought one of the most absurd criminal court cases in history. I heard a guy on a recent JFK biography say "just when the public had completely forgotten about the insane dealings of Jim Garrison, Oliver Stone brings him back to life as a superhero." The movie brought out the common conspiracy theory arguments, like the "magic bullet" and the planting of evidence by the mob.

So anyway, there is one book that will change your mind forever. It is called "Case Closed" by Gerald Posner. The book neatly and clearly takes every conspiracy theory and drains any credibility from them. Then, it shows how the bullet was not "magic" at all, and how Oswald clearly acted alone. For some time, this book has been the one light in a world of conspiracy "experts."

Last night on the The History Channel, they aired a documentary called "The Kennedy Assassination: Beyond Conspiracy." I couldn't believe my eyes, this was a documentary supporting Oswald as the lone assassin! It was incredibly well done and made such an impression on me that I have contacted The History Channel to see if they are selling the program. Gerald Posner was one of the speakers, as well as a computer animator who brought new evidence to light that clearly proves beyond a shadow of a doubt what really happened in Dealy Plaza that day. Check out the book and be looking for the program on The History Channel.