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Monday, February 19, 2007

Thank You Mr. President

The office of the Presidency of the United States is an extraordinary thing. I have taken a recent interest in the history of our former presidents and have thoroughly enjoyed learning more about these great men who served our country to the best of their ability. The History Channel has available an incredible set of biographical DVD's available simply called "The Presidents." This 3 DVD series moves from Washington to Bush and gives roughly 15-20 minutes on every president, highlighting each man's greatest victories and sometimes worst defeats.

As a general rule I don't care for politics. Not so much because of the "dirty politician" but because of the next door American. I marvel at how people, especially so called Christians, can delightfully engage in the name calling, hair pulling, back stabbing, trash talking game of my candidate over yours as if something noble was happening. Most of these people, mind you, are not able to effectively lead or make decisions in their own homes and lives, but clearly have the upper hand when it comes to the decisions of the United States. I know, I know, its human nature, its the American way, its just the way things are. But that doesn't make it right. Christians have a call to walk against the "way things are" and be a noticeably set apart people. Disagreement, healthy debate and strong support for your candidate of choice are healthy things. Backsliding into a pool of hate and vindictiveness not only crumbles the Christian witness but also breeds additional contempt, something that clearly displeases God.

So I thank you Mr. Presidents, for your willing service to a vast majority of idiots. We don't always agree with you. Sometimes we think you are going in the completely wrong direction. And hey, sometimes you are just flat out wrong. But we respect your office and at least this particular Christian will do his best to act as one, even with an election year just around the corner.


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