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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Funny Conversation

I called 411 from my cell phone today in order to find the number to Plato's Closet. Here is what happened. . .a message asked me for the city, state, and location. I said Clarksville, IN, Plato's Closet. Well, usually, they then ring you to an operator who gives you the number. But this time, without my knowledge, they put me through straight to the store. So, I thought I was being connected to the operator, but I actually was talking to an employee at the actual Plato's Closet store.

Employee: Plato's Closet.
Me: Yes. (I said yes because I thought the operator was asking me if Plato's Closet was what I was needing the number for. Actually, it was the employee just answering the store phone.)
--long silence--
Employee: Can I help you?
Me: PLATO'S CLOSET, CLARKSVILLE, IN. (I thought for some reason they didn't get the right store or something.)
--long silence--
Employee: Yes.

I then figured out what was going on. It was hilarious. You probably had to be there.


Blogger Big Blue Barry said...

lol... that's awesome!

August 08, 2007 9:18 AM  

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