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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

What do House and JAWS have in common?

I was watching House last night and after the episode, they showed the brief little advertising bit about the production company. You remember the "sit ubo, sit. Good dog" thing? It was like that, except it said "that's some bad hat Harry." I almost flipped off the couch. I turned to Andi and asked if she knew what that was from. She didn't, and I wondered how many people out there connect with a brilliantly delivered line from none other than Roy Scheider. On the beaches of Amity Island, Chief Brody thinks he sees a shark in the water. Turns out it is just the shiny top of a hat worn by this hilarious old dude who was swimming. When this old guy comes out of the water, Brody tells him, "that's some bad hat Harry." Awesome.

By the way, I only watch a few things on TV. Law & Order is the top show that is currently running. Columbo is my all time favorite. But House is excellent. Next time you watch it, be sure to look for the 2 second clip at the end of the episode and enjoy knowing that you are part of an elect few who know the origin of "that's some bad hat Harry."