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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Laser Quest and Hallo are back!

Codename: Hallo
Age: 30
Height: 5'11"
Playing style: "worm" style, good one on one player

Hallo is coming out of an 11 year retirement from Laser Quest to once again strap on the pack and go to battle. Joining forces with long time fellow quester Rexwilder and Diver, Hallo approaches the game rusty, out of practice and out of shape, but determined to quickly re-gain what has been lost. There was once a day, back in 1995, when the name Hallo meant something to the laser quest members. Basically, it meant that if you were in the game with Hallo, you would lose. That simple. But today is a different story. Hallo knows he is no longer the favorite, feared, or even remembered. There is work to be done.

The Mission:
Hallo, Rexwilder and Diver have decided to try out for the Nashville Laser Quest team. The top 9 players who make the team will be traveling to Richmond, VA for the regional tournament. Can these guys make the team after being away from the game for so long? It would be quite an accomplishment, but only time will tell. . . . .