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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Beast Reviews: The Da Vinci Code

I have finished the book and will offer just a couple of my thoughts.

First of all, on the back of the book in big yellow letters is this word: FICTION. Now, I acknowledge that just because a book is classified as fiction does not remove the potential harmful nature of it's message. Especially when it comes to non-believers. But when I see so many Christians being duped by the conspiracy theme and the outrageous claims of a book that is self-proclaimed fiction, I find myself wondering if I should have pursued that professional bass fishing career that I considered after first witnessing Roland Martin yell "SON" after hooking a 5 pound largemouth. You see, we as Christians have a book that is not fiction, but rather one that is grounded in historical fact and corroborated by it's textual abundance, primary source authorship and 2nd century church fathers. What a difference we would see in our communities and world if Christians would get as "hyped" about the Bible as they do an admitted work of fiction that incorporates radical historical claims, most of which are completely false.

The book is definitely an interesting read. The story moves quickly and there is not a lot of annoying dead space. There is a nice twist at the end, and the one aspect of the book that I did find refreshing for my own life was a first time genuine interest in the art of Da Vinci. I do all of a sudden have a desire to visit the Louvre in Paris. That is a big deal to me, because up to now visiting Universal Studios and Disney World in Orlando, FL was about as close to leaving the country as I ever wanted to go.

I am beginning a series with my students during our worship on The Da Vinci Code beginning May 7th. I have finished the book and am now starting my study and note taking on refuting his major points of error. For those of you who are interested, I will be happy to share my notes with you. Just send me an email and I will get them to you.


Blogger Barry said...

I read TDC about a year or two ago - not long after it came out - and enjoyed it. I heard some of the controversy, listened to some of it, ignored the rest. Now that the movie's coming out every church in town is launching their own "The Da Vinci Code - Decoded!!" Sunday School class or lesson series. I purposefully plan to wait and see the movie before reading the book again, but I keep wondering why certain churches and Christians feel the book is such a threat to them.

Yes, it's historical-esque fiction and yes it has authentic-sounding research behind it, but if you're secure in your Christian knowledge you know it's not true. Even if you're not so secure in your Christian knowledge or not really a Christian at all you should know it can't be true. Jesus and Mary Magdelene never had a child, no matter how authentic-sounding the background seems or how scary the Sciory of Prion seem in the book.

It just seems to me that my hitting people over the head with THE TRUTH TO COMBAT THE LIES you give the lies - aka "fiction" - more credibility than it already had.

But I would be interested in reading your notes, Phillip.

April 26, 2006 4:10 PM  

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