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Friday, August 11, 2006

Insomniac Pictures Remembered

The picture below, given to me by my friend and partner at the time Patrick Hamilton, is a beautiful reminder of Insomniac Pictures, the horror movie company we created. We filmed three movies, one of which was decent, and had a pretty good fouth film in production when things kind of just whithered away for various reasons.

In the picture below, we were filming just random acts with a candle and a hand held chicken-puppet for our opening sequence which would preceed every Insomniac Picture film. In case you can't recognize me, that is me on the right. This picture pretty much captures the mentality of our little movie company. We had a blast, and who knows, Insomniac Pictures may live again one day. Some day I may post one of our films for loyal readers of The Beast's Lair to enjoy.


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