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Friday, July 28, 2006

Disney Vacation Entry #3

Tonight was a great night. Rex and I enjoyed the "magic hours" at Epcot, which is where guests who stay at the Disney Resorts can stay inside the park 3 hours later than everyone else. It is really a completely different experience after the sun goes down, and in The Beast's opinion, it is a much better experience. I love the lights, the feel and the laid back nature of the park at night. We were able to hit the rides we didn't get to earlier in the week and also enjoyed the inspiring Illuminations fireworks finale.

Earlier this morning we were at the front gates of Animal Kingdom before the park opened, a major accomplishment for me, a guy who can sleep till 2 pm everyday easy. After two more rides on Everest, 2 more rides on Dinosaur and a ride on Kali River Rapids, we headed toward the Lodge, a nap and then the pool.

Tomorrow, we hit my favorite park, Magic Kingdom. We plan on pretty much spending all day and night there, hitting the classics such as Haunted Mansion (The Beast's favorite), Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain, Snow White, and Splash Mountain. We are getting up super early, so I better get some sleep.

By the way, last night we ate at a restaurant that probably ranks in my top 5 enjoyable meal experiences of my life. It was called "The Boma" and it was an African style buffet. Sounds kind of gross, I know, but my goodness it was good. We are heading there tomorrow for their breakfast buffet.

By the way, Spaceship Earth is still the best ride at Epcot.


Anonymous Dezi said...

The fireworks show at Epcot is awsome! it is one of my faves.

July 28, 2006 2:34 AM  
Blogger Barry said...

I still think the Energy Adventure is my favorite ride at EPCOT, although Spaceship: Earth is close (my son's favorite ride at all of WDW). I need to ride Mission: Space a couple more times before I form a firm opinion on it.

EPCOT is my favorite park, ever.

How was Soarin'? It hadn't opened yet the last time we were there...

My favorite place to eat at EPCOT is the Mexican pavilion, and then ride the Rivera El Tiempo...

July 28, 2006 10:36 AM  
Anonymous rexwilder said...

Believe it or not, Soarin was the one major ride at all of the Disney parks that we didn't do this time. We rode it last time we were here and liked it, although didn't love it. We just had so much to do at EPCOT and never got a fastpass for Soarin, so it got passed over. Tonight is the late night extra magic hours at MK (2:00 am) and we are off to Universal tomorrow. See ya.

July 28, 2006 9:53 PM  
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