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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Disney Vacation Entry #1

The time has come for The Beast and Rexwilder to enjoy our annual vacation to Orlando, FL. Typically, we spend our time at Universal Studios. This year, however, we have decided to spend the week at Disney and explore all that the Disney parks have to offer.

I am currently sitting in our Animal Kingdom Lodge room on the 5th floor, where literally 50 feet from me are giraffes, zebras, gazelles, and impalas. We can watch them from our balcony, which is really pretty awesome. The resort is the nicest I have been in I think (except maybe for the Portofino Bay Resort at Universal).

Yesterday, Rex and I headed over to Disney/MGM Studios where we were able to ride the Tower of Terror and Star Tours and eat at the Sci Fi Theater. (see picture above) Right after those things, a big time thunderstorm came in and absolutely drenched us. (see picture of Rex below) So, we decided to head back to the room, change clothes, and wait out the storm.

We then made our way to Animal Kingdom, where we were anxious to ride Expedition Everest, the new Disney roller coaster that has a Himalayan theme where you come face to face with the Yeti. I will make a separate post about my review of the ride.
We were also able to ride Dinosaur, primeval Whirl, view the Lion King Festival and Tough TO Be A Bug. Dinosaur is I think perhaps the most underrated ride in Orlando. This bad boy is flat out scary, especially the last 20 seconds, where Disney beautifully combines total darkness with quick bursts of light and your mind and your eyesight work together to create an atmosphere of fear.

So basically, we are off to a great start. I will try to make an entry every night of that days activities. Until then, don't forget, it all started with a mouse.


Blogger Barry said...

Me hate you. Me hate you both.

Me want ride Dinosaur. Me want ride Everest. Me want ride Tomorrowland Transit Authority. Me want ride Pirates, and Haunted Mansion, and Star Tours, and Mission: Space, and....


Back to work.

July 25, 2006 2:51 PM  
Anonymous Dezi said...

I cant wait to ride Everst in October!

July 25, 2006 5:55 PM  
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