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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Quick Review of HHN 2007

I wish I had more time to write, but here is a quick synopsis of my crazy two day adventure to HHN (Halloween Horror Nights) at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL. Much more from this year's HHN event will soon be available to read at RexandtheBeast.com.

In addition to the HHN event itself, Rex and I were going to be filming the sequel to our smashing 2006 success "Mission: IOA." This time around we decided to bring in some help, so Barry from over at Inn Of The Last Home stepped up to the plate. He gave a wonderful boost to the entire project and was responsible for some of the funnier scenes in the movie. We filmed most of the day on Thursday and Friday morning till about 11:30. Of course, Thursday and Friday night Rex and I attended HHN and we also made time to experience "Terror in Orlando" on I-Drive. Somehow in the middle of all this we worked in the time to overdub voice audio, take "rating pictures" of every ride in IOA and watch a little of the ALDS.

Concerning HHN 2007 "Carnival of Carnage." This year's event was noticeably lacking from previous years but not due to the houses themselves. I actually thought the overall house production was as solid or perhaps even better than usual. This goes to the heart of the RexandtheBeast.com experience. No one single element of an event, park, etc. can make that specific event excellent. It is a package deal. In the case of HHN 2007, the lack of Scarezones this year really brought the overall "feel" or "atmosfear" down a level. Additionally, the "Bill and Ted's" show was not as powerful this year and the "Carnival of Carnage" show was mediocre at best. Now, having said all that, the simple fact is that HHN remains the greatest Halloween event I have yet to experience. Even when pointing out its weaknesses, we are still talking about a powerhouse of a good time. (I hopefully will be taking in what "Knott's Scary Farm" and "Tampa's Hall-O-Scream" have to offer next year). My favorite house this year was "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Flesh Wounds."

Memorable Quotes from this trip:

Rex: What kind of a slide was that? Even if he would have been safe he would have been out.

Rex: He's going down. And he's going down hard.

Beast: I don't think I should have drank that Muscle Milk.

Barry: Was that a ricochet or a raptor in the bushes?

Rex: I think I saw Captain America back there eating a burger.

Rex: (in the queue at E.T.) Come on, come on, keep coming.

Beast: (in the queue at E.T.) Things would be fine if E.T's dad would shut up.

Favorite Houses from HHN 2007

1. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
2. Psychoscareapy
3. A Nightmare on Elm Street
4. The Curse of Mary Shaw
5. Jack's Funhouse in Clownovision
6. Vampyr
7. The Thing: Assimilation
8. Friday the 13th: Camp Blood


Blogger Barry said...

Just call me "Key Grip"

I had a great time. I hope everyone's looking forward to the completed film - I know I am.

October 09, 2007 11:06 AM  
Anonymous Rex said...

My ranking of the houses goes like this:

1. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
2. Psychoscareapy
3. The Thing: Assimilation
4. A Nightmare on Elm Street
5. The Curse of Mary Shaw
6. Jack's Funhouse in Clownovision (good 3D effects though)
7. Friday the 13th: Camp Blood
8. Vampyr (one good scene)

On another note, the movie is going to rock.

rexandthebeast.com -- Join the Journey (coming soon!)

October 09, 2007 1:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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October 09, 2007 1:26 PM  
Blogger Barry said...

Hey, wait - I only made one funny quote? I know I was much funnier than you guys. You just don't appreciate good humor..

October 19, 2007 10:54 AM  

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