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Monday, November 21, 2005

The Beast Honors Adrian Rogers

Adrian Rogers is a legend inside Southern Baptist life. Not near as famous outside SBC circles as Jerry Falwell or Billy Graham, Adrian Rogers has just always been one of those guys everyone looked to when nobody knew what to do.

Rogers led the way for the strong conservatives within the SBC to "regain" control over the convention. Although that is a direction I am not particular thrilled with inside the SBC, Rogers nevertheless stood strong for his convictions and was a man who loved God and served Him with all his might. He was pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church and just recently stepped down as pastor. He died on Tuesday, November 15th.

This past year, the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention was held here in Nashville. I was able to hear Adrian Rogers preach during that meeting. The Beast salutes his devotion to God.


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