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Thursday, March 09, 2006

When Faith Isn't Enough

Most of my life is lived on faith. Faith that God will do what He has promised. Faith that troubles and heartache are forming me into the image of Christ. Faith that it all makes perfect sense to God, as confused as I may be. I am a big believer in child-like faith.

But there is a critical area in the life of the Christian where faith is not enough, and it is becoming more of a mandatory need for believers to understand this foundational aspect of their faith.

I am talking about why we believe the Bible to be accurate.

So how would you respond? Assuming that you are a Christian and place your faith in the Christ of the New Testament, why do you believe what you read in those sacred pages? For most Christians, the answer is simple. They believe because they were raised to believe. Due to their parents, or whomever took them to church, the Bible has just always been a part of life, so why wouldn't they believe it?

Or, we believe because we have faith that the Bible is true. This is the answer that makes us sound spiritually mature. Our abounding faith in the good book is what makes it true. Sorry, but in this aspect of our Christian walk, faith isn't good enough.

I was reading a story about a evangelist who was leading a 3 day seminar with senior high school students. On the first day he asked the class, "why is the bible true?" No one could give an answer. The 2nd day of class, a student busted in the room and said "I know the answer!" The evangelist asked him why the Bible was true to which the student proudly responded, "it's true because I believe it!"

In an society where the idea of truth just being whatever you believe or whatever fits for you, the Christian is forced today to broaden our minds. If faith alone, or belief alone made the Bible true, then without question the Kuran would be true. Muslims have incredible faith in their holy book. Or, the book of Mormon would be true because of the faith of the members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

You may be thinking that I am undermining the importance of faith in the Christian life. As Paul would say, "may it never be so!" Although it is true that our faith does not make the Bible historically accurate, it is absolutely true that only a life of faith will be able to live the message presented in the Bible. Placing our faith in Christ as the only way to the Father. Faith when health, success and popularity are on the decline. Faith in the providential hand of God. Oh yes, living the truth takes enormous faith.

So, I challenge you to understand why the Bible is true and accurate, beyond just because you believe it. I have included one of my favorite books below that is a relatively easy read and that answers the question, not exhaustively, but with certainty for the layperson. There are, of course, more detailed books for those who wish to take it to another level.

The Ever Loving Truth by Voddie Baucham
To purchase, click here.


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