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Friday, October 12, 2007

Heading to Nashville

Andi and I are getting ready to drive to Nashville for her 10 year High School reunion. I will be away until later in the weekend.

During our "Focus" bible study time this past Wednesday, a young man with whom I have been sharing the gospel professed faith in Christ. It was one of those moments in youth ministry where all the pieces fit together. Those moments do not happen often, so I had myself a nice little worship service right there in my office. This teenager, whose name is Michael, has been asking me tough questions for several months. He was curious to know why Islam, or any other religion, was not just as valid as Christianity. He had been heavily influenced by a few of his friends and even a high school teacher who subtly "made fun" of religion from the classroom.

So what are we to do with a person like Michael? Well, before we set out to disprove all the other religions and develop a cool and sleek 30 day guide to purpose in Christ, we should preach and teach the Word! At the end of the day, the only way that Michael, or anyone, is going to grasp their need of Christ and truly believe His claims is if God opens their eyes to their need. The best "defense" of Christianity through the best apologetics book will never guarantee a decision for Christ.

I praise God for Michael's salvation. This will be the 4th teenager I will have had the privilege to baptize in just a couple of months. Wow.

After that incredible moment in my office, I was taking a teenager home from church and was involved in a car accident. We were both fine, but isn't that pretty typical? After something so great, something not so great will try to distract us. Well, my focus today is that God is working and active and doing great things with the teenagers at Graefenburg Baptist Church.


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