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Thursday, September 29, 2005

I've been tagged.

by Inn of the Last Home

note** Rexwilder and I are answering these together, so take note of who is who.

7 Answers to 7 Questions

7 things I plan to do before I die

1. See the Pyramids. (The Beast)
2. Have children. (The Beast)
3. Learn Spanish (Rexwilder)
4. Set the world's record for riding The Blazing Fury (The Beast)
5. Get my graduate degrees. (The Beast)
6. Defeat James Aaron in the Epic Battle (Rexwilder)
7. Meet Hulk Hogan (The Beast)

7 things I can do

1. Play guitar (The Beast)
2. Play my noseaphone (Rexwilder)
3. Public Speaking (The Beast)
4. Pose for roller coaster photos (Rexwilder)
5. Recite verbatim the JAWS! script on the JAWS! ride at Universal. (The Beast)
6. Drive 14 hours without stopping (The Beast)
7. Bounce a tennis ball 2 inches off the ground at super speed. (Rexwilder)

7 Things I Cannot Do

1. Roller Skate backwards (The Beast)
2. Roller Skate backwards (Rexwilder)
3. Play soccer (The Beast)
4. Play the drums (Rexwilder)
5. Cook (The Beast)
6. Fake accents (Rexwilder)
7. Shoot a deer (The Beast)

7 Celebrity Crushes
**These are from years past, for me**

1. Dolly Parton (The Beast)
2. Kim Richards (Rexwilder)
3. Dawn Wells (Rexwilder)
4. Lea Thompson (Rexwilder)
5. Kate Capshaw (The Beast)
6. Kelly LeBrock (The Beast)
7. Betty Cooper (Rexwilder)

7 Things I Say the Most

1. That is a beast (The Beast)
2. Yo Yo Yo MTV Raps (The Beast)
3. You got that right (The Beast)
4. Hmmmm Beeeeeaaaar (The Beast)
5. I love you Andi (The Beast)
6. I'm surrounded by %#&$ (Rexwilder)
7. Lordy, Lordy Don Depew is 40 (The Beast)

well, I only answered 6 of the questions, oh well!


Blogger Barry said...

Rex - love your choices of celebrity crushes. Add Kim Richardson and Lea Thompson to mine, too. The best part of "Howard the Duck" was Thompson in her underwear...

I hear they're closing "Jaws" for a while, but I think it's reopening.

"I'm surrounded by !*#&" - Lion King?

Thanks for playing!

September 29, 2005 10:35 AM  
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