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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Making Cookies on Saturday Night

Andi and I were going to make some of her famous recipe cookies for our church ice cream social on Sunday night. (ice cream social and you're making cookies? oh well.) After cleaning out the local grocery store on supplies, we headed to the house to start our journey. I quickly discovered I had no idea what I was doing, so I decided to do some ironing while she made the cookies. (another activity that I am clueless on).

Things seemed to be going pretty well until she asked me, "Do you smell something burning?" Now, that is just simply a question that you never want to hear. There is never really a good reply to that question. Unfortunately, I did smell something, so we opened the oven door. Big mistake. In a matter of milliseconds, the entire kitchen was filled with a beautiful white smoke rising throughout the living room. The cookies had spilled over the pan unto the heating element in the oven, and that is apparently a no-no. I had to open the front and back door to get the circulation going, and Andi did what any intelligent person would do in that situation. She called her mom. Thankfully, the 2nd batch went much better, and I will be enjoying those cookies with some ice cream tonight at the social.