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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Beast Horror Pick of the Week


1960 shocker that still remains in The Beast's top 3 horror films of all time. The legends and myths surrounding this movie are now legendary, from Hitchcock turning the water on ice cold in the shower to get the reaction out of Janet Leigh (not true), to Hitchcock not allowing anyone in the theatre after the film had started (true).

But, putting aside all of that stuff, what makes this film shine above all others is the performance of Anthony Perkins. The next time you watch the film, pay close attention to the scene of Perkins and Leigh in the parlor while she is eating. That scene is one of my favorite moments in movie history. Leigh comments that "she fell into her own personal trap" and Perkins offers her a gentle nod and an expression that says, "at this moment, we are the same." He should have won an academy award for that one expression that lasts for barely a second.

Go rent this one again, and make sure you get the wide screen version, having a pan and scan version of any Hitchcock film is one of the silliest things imaginable.


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