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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Beast Honors Bruno Kirby

Bruno Kirby (pictured on right above) has died at age 57 from complications due to leukemia.

Kirby was an incredibly talented actor who has starred in some of my favorite character roles throughout the years. Three classic Kirby moments come to mind immediately whenever I think of him:

1. In one of funniest scenes ever put on film, Bruno shines in "When Harry Met Sally" during the "Win, Lose Or Draw" segment. He is dead pan serious and trying his hardest to correctly answer what "Sally" is drawing on the paper. He repeatedly answers "Baby fish mouth! Baby fish mouth!" And then in the background you can hear him say, "draw something resembling anything." (which is a phrase I use quite often in daily conversation, although sometimes modified.) He really steals the scene.

2. Kirby had a very small role in the classic "Spinal Tap" as the limo driver that takes the band from the airport to the party. He has a small conversation with the band from the front seat about Frank Sinatra, and then the band rudely rolls up the dividing glass between them and the front, cutting off the conversation mid-sentence. Kirby let's Marty DiBergi in on a little secret, "I wouldn't never tell them this, but this is a fad."

3. Finally, Kirby delivers a hilarious line in the film "City Slickers." Billy Crystal is trying to explain to his friend how to program a VCR, and from behind you hear Kirby scream, "Shut Up! Shut Up! The cows can program a VCR by now!"

He will be missed.


Anonymous Rexwilder said...

"They don't understand...when you've loved and lost like Frank." "Its a different world."

August 16, 2006 12:26 PM  
Anonymous Jenmur said...

When Harry Met Sally is my favorite movie ever! This makes me soo sad...

I love the scene at the football game... "you're saying Mr. Zero knew???!!!"

August 18, 2006 6:42 AM  
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