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Monday, August 14, 2006

Disney's Haunted Mansion News

I read today that rumors are abounding that Disney will do some construction in the near future to add a gift shop area where the ride exits.

I like to think, in my own warped mind, that I had something to do with this. During our last visit just a few weeks ago, I was prepared to dish out some serious cash on a Haunted Mansion t-shirt, key chains, hat, coffee mug, etc. To my surprise and bewilderment, the ride does not have a gift shop exit area. You know how this works, after most rides, you have to exit through a gift shop where products are themed after the ride you have just ridden. Almost every ride does this, except for the Haunted Mansion! This makes no sense because there are die hard Haunted Mansion fans, like me, out there. All they had was this lame little kiosk of merchandise that closed at like 3 in the afternoon. Weird.

I asked about 4 different people if there were any Haunted Mansion merchandise anywhere else in the park, and of course, there wasn't. So, three cheers to Disney for recognizing the problem and fixing it. If they actually do it.


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