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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Southern Seminary Quote of the Day

Classes have once again started, so also back are the "quotes of the day" when I am at the campus.

"If you don't take truth seriously, you don't have to take heresy seriously."

-Dr. Mohler during the convocation chapel service. This was in respect to the need of Christians, especially ministers, to keep studying the Word, and when necessary, make individual changes as the text moves us to faith.


Blogger Bennett Willis said...

I find that this post and the one above it are quite closely related. It has to do with "individual change as the text moves us to faith." This change does not occur in a predictable direction. One person will read "the sun stood still" and decide that clearly you should not take the bible seriously on science because that is not its purpose. Another will say that the author was showing God was in charge and directing the outcome of the battle. One or the other might move in some direction.

I expect that they could move more freely (in either direction) at Belmont than they could at Southern. This expectation is a significant part of what drives the concerns about "academic freedom."

I do strongly agree that both student and professor should evaluate the tradition of the institution and try to find one that "fits." But things don't remain constant all one's life in either the institution or the individual.

Bennett Willis

August 24, 2007 12:37 AM  

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