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Monday, July 18, 2005

The Cutest Picture

Several days ago, Andi and my sister Missy (whose real name is Melissa, but I have chosen to call her Missy my entire life for some reason) took my niece Bella to shop for a flower girl dress. My mom was also along for the enjoyment, and they snapped this super cute picture of Andi and Bella together. I love this picture. Planning for this wedding is such a incredible rush, and so much fun. Saturday night, Andi and I went to Target to register. We laughed, ran up and down the isles and scanned everything in site. It was a blast. And also tiring. We have decided to go with a blue theme in the kitchen. So, we scanned a bunch of blue stuff. See how that works?

Today at Grace, we started a Prayer Revival and I was actually impressed with the speaker, who will be there through Wednesday. Typically, Revival preachers come across as emotion string pulling guys who want to see a lot of decisions, regardless of if they are genuine. But this guy, whose name was Don, seems very real and interested in the lives of our people at Grace. I kind of hate that tomorrow and Tuesday, I will be taking the students to Cincinnati to see a Reds game and go to Kings Island. I would have like to have heard him preach those nights. But, I guess I will suffer doing those other things.

Tonight, me and buddy Greg sent text messages to each other for well over an hour, simply quoting Metallica and Beavis and Butthead. Talk about a waste of money. It was great.


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