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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Just an interesting day

Today was a great day, and just very interesting. It started with some outdoor work with the Challengers, which is a student boys mission group. We were working on the church grounds and got a call to help an elderly church member with her yard, so we spent several hours working outside, and it was super hot. But, the guys are great and happy to help out.

As we were leaving the church to go to the members home, someone had spilled an entire thing of paint on the road. One of my students ran right through it with their truck. Now, you have to understand that a truck in Springfield, TN is a priceless thing, so he jumped out and basically started freaking out that he had paint all over the side of his truck. He started pouring gasoline all over it and wiping it off. I thought he was going to set the truck on fire.

After I was finished with the guys, I headed back into Nashville to get a hitch installed on my new 1988 Chevy Vandura 350 hp 2500 series 1/2 ton van. I love this thing. I just hope that it lasts me longer than a month. I will get some pictures of this beauty up here soon. Andi took off work a little early and came by to pick me up from the Uhaul place. We had the greatest evening together, just hanging out. No matter what I am doing, if she is near me, it is better.

Finally, I leave Wednesday night for east TN, and then from there to VA for a string of 3 shows with Judah First. We are all excited to be back on the road and playing again. We have a pretty good following in VA, so these should be some killer performances. Devil's Dice is currently the number 6 most requested song on Tri Rock. Pretty cool.


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