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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Magic Kingdom Moment

The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World really is one of the most special places on Earth. There is nothing like it.

During my last trip to Orlando with Rex, we had a pretty cool Magic Kingdom moment. We were hanging in MGM studios and we decided to spend the last couple of hours at Magic Kingdom. Since we had our handy Park Hopper ticket, we just jumped on over to the Magic Kingdom via the monorail. During our trip over on the monorail, the skies were growing darker and rain was definitely coming.

Well, we get off the monorail headed into the park. By the time we got just past Main Street USA, the rain hit and it hit HARD. It was totally dark outside, The Magic Kingdom was lit up beautifully and we were getting drenched! We ran toward Adventureland to hit Pirates of the Carribean. We decided first to grab some food. Well, so did everybody else. I mean the enitre park's visitors were crammed inside this restaraunt. Now, Rex and I had found kind of a secret passage from another section of a restaraunt where nobody was. We decided to get our food and make our way through the secret passage. We didn't know if that was legal, but it was either that or sit on the floor. So, after we got our food, sure enough we headed up a little ramp that led to another section. No one was there! We sat down and ate our food in peace. However, only a few minutes later, other people began invading our space. They must have either seen us go up the secret ramp, or Disney staff were telling them how to get up there. It was just a super neat moment, in the rain, confusion and Magic Kingdom.

It was certainly a Great Time, Great Time.


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